A wonderful and warm greetings! May this letter finds you well and joyful!

Why & why not?

Why did it take so long to put up the school building project ? I ask this myself as well over and over and over. The honest answer is that, Rev. Daniel perhaps was thinking of a preschool only, then. The elementary and high school were automatically happening as they won’t leave MSA which never exceeds 50 children in a school year since it is individualized besides the small place.

In 2006, the Lord took pastor Dan to glory. It was heartbreaking but God healed our every pain and we need to move on by which we were called to do. Since then I took responsibility with administration and few teaching loads. Parents all over the town are again coming knowing how the students perform in the different schools, colleges & universities, those that were from MSA . Most of them are noted for exceptional character, knowledgeable and independent. During weekends while their classmates are out having their night life , they remain studying at home or dormitories to their parents satisfaction.

I inquired from God, we prayed, consulted parents, alumni and students. Thus, now we open this project for every child of God to participate but of course for you with a willing heart to join. For the following years, we want to accept as many 250 students whether they can pay or not as long as they hunger for knowledge and accept instructions. We have faith that together, this will be put into fruition. Your prayers and helps are greatly appreciated.

And why just now? My honest answer is 1st, it is God’s right time for this project. 2nd, Christian maturity takes time and understanding of the unique role of the body of Christ took years for me to grasp &3rd, I have received God’s word about this and believed Him.

Hebrews 11:1a “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for.

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