Alumni Corner

Here are some testimonies from the MSA Alumni.

Nice O. Urdaneta,RN
MSA Pre-School 1993
MSA Grade School 1999

I graduated from MSA Grade School Department in the year 1999. I also finished my pre-school years in the school. I am very thankful that my parents sent me to a school such as MSA. The school imparted so many important lessons to me not only academically, personally but much more spiritually. It is also the place where I was able to encounter the true spirit of Christianity.

I am so thankful for the academic and character building that MSA taught me. To me that foundation & preparations were irreplaceable, it taught me to be independent at an early age but following the right way. I always want to encourage parents to send children to MSA. The school made me a person who can stand alone and could face life’s challenges courageously with God’s presence. It was tested and proven when I attended high school out of town with all-stranger classmates. I managed to adjust with the situation and even made it to one of the school’s honor students. These I owe to the individualize training of A.C.E.

In addition to that, with God’s grace, I was able to finish my Bachelor’s degree in one of the city’s most strict nursing schools at the required and minimum number of years. I took the licensure exam once and was able to get a high rating. I wouldn’t able to achieve all these without God’s grace and the training that I had in MSA.

Now I’m already a Registered Nurse and is very proud to consider myself a true-blooded MSA’er.”

Diana Cabales
MSA Pre-School
MSA Grade School
MSA High School

My name is Diana Cabales, I studied at MSA my complete preschool, complete elementary and complete High School. MSA is the second home to me and my siblings. We heard the Gospel here and were saved here. Perhaps this feeling is not just to me but all students. MSA is our refuge especially when our home life gets in trouble & a mess. MSA is just a best friend to kids and young people. Pastor Dan Hiquiana have etched so much influence in my family. He taught us kids, he played with us, he told us Bible stories, he had a big listening ear to us & he counseled with parents. I miss him terribly, he still found time to listen to me I month before he was transferred to glory. He’s simply one of a kind but I praise God Maam Nel is also best friend to kids and Yp’s. My little brother a grade 2, considers her, his second mother, how is this? I am not a good communicator but the best thing is the motto of MSA which is really magnetizing & transforming students lives is, “MSA, shaping both minds and character”.

I am now third year in architecture. I am really glad and thankful to God for the foundations which is not just in this life but for eternity. Please partake of this opportunity! Help us build a school where real learning takes place.

Dannel H. Hiquiana
MSA Pre-School 1995
MSA Grade School 2000

My name is Dannel the eldest child of Dan & Nelly Hiquiana. I am now freshman in proper medicine in a state run university. I took up my preparatory medicine course from University of the Phils. When we were very small mom & dad would give us checklists for everyday routine, chores & freedom to help others in our little way. When we can understand salvation, dad taught us to live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He taught us to believe in God everyday and ask what we cannot do for ourselves. I studied at MSA from nursery to first year High school. I am very thankful to God for allowing me to be under the tulelage of my parents whether at home or school during those formative years. And I was always aware of their sacrifices to manage a highly academic system tempered with character inside a non-concreted building. Against all odds, this ministry continues.

I like the uniqueness of MSA because the Bible is opened everyday together with every academic subject. There is no major problem with students when God Himself appeal to the mind of a child. This is an everyday environment at MSA. During school break and vacations, MSA has VBS, Bible camps and student conventions. Some academic subjects were truly difficult but we were excited to face challenges and learn new things because our school was a place of security & learning. MSA constinues to be a one big happy family. The preparation was great we just need to mix with faith for God to fulfill His miracle in each of our life. Proverbs 3:5 & 6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

I praise God, that now it is time to take care of the physical building. It is my prayer that God will touch your generous heart, please support this worthy project for the education of children and young people as well as a place for parents to hear the Gospel & learn parenting in this remote but interesting place. With God, nothing is impossible.!

Nerwyn Z. Samoro, MAED

I am NERWYN Z. SAMORO, a high school Math Teacher and an ED.D student of UM- Graduate School. I believe that we are the first batch of MSA formerly known as “Morning Star Learning Center”. We were only six graduates in Batch ’91.

I cannot exactly reminisce all the memories I had with MSA. But I have few to share. One is memorizing a character piece for a recital with my mother handling a belt. On a lighter note, it was effective. That was the start of my talent in memorizing =). I also cannot forget the sports fests with the parents during parents’ day. My mother that time was very active attending school activities which I didn’t experience during my high school years. It’s also good to hear some funny stories from Ma’am Nelly involving my mother and my nanny.

I cannot be where, what, and how I am today if not for MSA. It was an honor and privilege for me to be part of an academy, which hones and molds the innocent young minds that will eventually turn to a more knowledgeable, obedient and faithful children of God. I am so proud to say that I am a product of MSA and I was once a student of Ma’am Nelly, whom I consider one of the best. I have to give credit also to my PASTOR, Pastor Dan. He had a great Christian influence to many of us.

I wish I had long years in MSA. Even for 1 year only, but I gained friends like JEHZEEL, NININ, UNNO and even ARNO who at that time was not yet in this world and eventually became my student.

Soar High MSA-ers!!!!!

Jehzeel H. Laurente
MSA Pre-School 1993
MSA Grade School 1999
MSA High School 2001

Hello! I’m Jehzeel and I’m a proud graduate of Morning Star Academy. I really enjoyed my MSA days from pre-school to high school, it was the greatest years of my life. This school influenced my life greatly. I’ve been trained and molded to become a good Christian. I’ve learned how to read and write, how to count 1 2 3, and memorize A B C. Because of this school and its awesome curriculum, I’ve learned a lot of good traits. I’ve learned to be respectful, to be generous, to be optimistic, to be responsible, to be forgiving, to be humble and keep my feet on the ground, to be thankful, to be friendly, and most of all, to share the love of God to others.

What I miss about MSA is the sheer fun and joy it has brought me in my childhood days. I made very good and trustworthy friends, I knew a lot of great and God-fearing mentors, I’ve been educated with Christian values that I cannot and will never forget until I get old.

Once again, I would like to thank MSA because you’ve influenced my life immensely and taught me good deeds and virtues that I will treasure forever.

Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season, we shall reap if we faint not” – Galatians 6:9.